​Tanaka Capital Management

For additional information on Tanaka Capital Management or the TANAKA Growth Fund please contact us at: 

Tanaka Capital Management 
369 Lexington Avenue 
New York, NY 10017   
(212) 490-3380
or e-mail us at: tanaka@tanaka.com

For a prospectus for the TANAKA Growth Fund, you can also call toll-free: 
1-877-4-TANAKA (1-877-482-6252)


"Focus Portfolio"

Concentrated Portfolio with up to 8 names and more frequent trading with emphasis on the best 4 or 5 stocks at any time.

Small, Mid, or Large Cap Growth Equity

Dedicated Small Cap, Mid Cap, or Blue Chip Large Cap only portfolios.  

We Specialize in "Kick the Tires" Research

Our focus includes original top down macroeconomic research and "bottoms up" stock selection. We look for industries or companies that will benefit disproportionally from fundamental strategic change. 

We perform "kick the tires" research to find out what is really going on in a target company. This requires meeting management, asking better questions to get better answers, and shopping the product or service as consumers. We see 100s of managements a year, generating new candidates that challenge existing positions and 

keep the portfolio fresh

Portfolio Options

At TCM we look for under-appreciated and undervalued growth companies. We seek companies which are undergoing change that will lead to better than expected earnings over the next 2-5 years. 




The "Museum Portfolio"

Balanced Portfolio of All Cap Growth Equities and Fixed Income.

TANAKA Growth Fund 

Public no-load Mutual Fund

All cap undervalued Growth. Ticker: TGFRX.

All Cap Growth Equity

Blend of Large, Mid, and Small capitalization undervalued growth companies.